Piston Kits

3.937 20 Degree Dome 4 3/8 Stroke Kit
SKU: 800-116

This perimeter dome stroker piston is an Axtell Sales exclusive. Custom developed in-house by our Motor/Dyno department, it was made to work with modified stock heads. The 20 degree dome coupled with a machined combustion chamber makes for an excellent squish band, and the reverse dome in the center makes for a very streetable mid-10:1 compression ratio. A tremendous piston for increasing combustion efficiency. 1.082 compression height . Kit comes complete with rings, pins, and keepers.

Our price: $390.00
3.937 20 Degree Full Dome Race Piston
SKU: 800-120
This full dome 20 degree stroker piston works well with large valve heads and there large combustion chambers. . If you are looking for a maximum output engine with out boring the cases you can team these with MVA type heads and a cam for a real performer.
Our price: $390.00
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