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107 Cylinder Kits

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96-107 Re-worked Kit
SKU: 251-107A
Never has it been so easy to build an engine this large. Your OEM cylinders are bored and honed to increase the cubes to 107. A flattop forged piston complete with rings, pins, and keepers are teamed with a MLS topend gasket kit to get you rolling! This price is re-working your cylinders, but an exchange or outright buy is available (please call for pricing).
Our price: $499.99
107 CI Cylinder Kit
SKU: 202-107A

This is a great upgrade for your 96 CI, and a weekend job for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Our super strong cylinder withstands the chassis stress while giving unmatched ring seal. A flattop piston yields just over 10-1 with no special octane requirements. Our testing has shown that the added mass and strength in our cylinders improves power and oil control over the OEM parts. Kit includes black cylinders, pistons, rings, pins, keepers and cylinder gaskets.

Our price: $1065.95
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