Piston Kits

4.125 X 4 20 Degree Dome Piston Kit
SKU: 800-915A
This perimeter dome piston is an Axtell Sales exclusive. Custom designed in-house by our technical department, this was made to work with modified stock heads, but is equally at home in the Screamin' Eagle CNC ported heads or the new MVA heads. The twenty-degree dome coupled with a machined combustion chamber makes for an excellent squish band, and the reverse dome in the center makes for a very streetable mid-10:1 compression ratio. A tremendous piston for increasing combustion efficiency. Kit comes complete with rings, pins, and keepers. Overbores available up to +.030.
Our price: $390.00
4.125 X 4 20 Degree Full Dome Piston Kit
SKU: 800-910A

These pistons have a full 20 degree dome and are used in big valved-larger chambered heads such as the Baisley Hybred or the MVA™. These are cut for 2.100 intakes and 1.750 exhaust and displace approximately 29cc's. Kit comes with rings, pins and keepers. Available in overbores up to +.030.

Our price: $390.00
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