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107CI Twin Cam Cylinder Kit

107CI Twin Cam Cylinder Kit

4 1/8" bore combined with the stock 4" stroke yields 107 CI, this is our most popular cylinder kit to date. With the same bore and stroke as a 427 Chevy this engine combination is a tremendous overachiever in all fields of riding.

By retaining the stock flywheels, money is saved to put into ported heads for bigger power potential.

Out of all of the kits that we could build for our personal bikes, this is the one we use. Combine with Baisley heads for tire smoking 130 ft. pounds of torque and 130 HP in full street trim. If you have a need for Real World Power in a daily driver, then this is the kit for you.

** The 107 CI kit comes complete with Axtell cylinders, forged pistons, moly rings, MLS™ gaskets, and a new center bolt.

Case boring required
SKU 202-300A
Our price: $1350.00
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