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3 13/16 RING SET +.010

3 13/16 RING SET +.010
Axtell Sales premium rings are sourced from the world's top ring manufacturer to give you the ultimate combination of performance and longevity. We at Axtell, have spent many hours with a microscope to better understand what makes a good ring good and a bad ring bad. We have found that this comes down to a few basic principles: ring flatness on all surfaces, density of material, tension, and overall quality. When we source rings for our kits, all of these conditions must be met. We do this for our customers to give them the highest quality components for extreme riding conditions. Axtell Sales top rings are plasma moly filled for superior ring seal, our second rings have tapered faces creating an excelent wiper effect for excessive oil on the cylinder wall, and our oil control rings are desinged to have a medium tension for outstanding oil control without sacrificing horsepower.
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