4.060 20 Degree Piston Kit

4.060 20 Degree Piston Kit
The 120R® Engine uses the MVA head, and all of our dyno research shows it responds very well to our perimeter dome piston. So here you go...11-1 compression with an improved squish band allows the engine to be aggressively tuned for maximum power. Sized in a +005 bore to allow the cylinders to be honed for a proper fit. The head needs to be matchined to a 20 degree to allow a close fit for good combustion. This piston design has been a home run for many years in all our Mountain Motors and now you can experience it too. Sold as a pair complete with rings, pins and clips. Also available as a +010 (800-947). Axtell's can also machine your heads and cylinders. ...NEW for 2015..a 12-1 version also available..order 800-946-12

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