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97/98ci Cylinder Kits

97/98ci - Sub Category for Twin cam 88.
88-98 Re-worked kit
SKU: 251-098
This 98 ci kit utilizes your OEM cylinders that are bored and honed to 3.937 and teamed up with a flattop piston. This package includes forged pistons, rings, pins, keepers, and a MLS topend gasket kit. This is a very economical way to get more power. This can be also purchased as a outright buy with no exchange needed. Call for those prices.
Our price: $499.99
98 CI Cylinder Kit
SKU: 202-098

At Axtell Sales, cylinder strength and stability is our game, and this cylinder kit will bump your displacement up to 98 ci for a nice power increase.

On all rubber mounted engines, the chassis passes stress through the rear swingarm, up through the top motor mount, and into the frame. These cylinders will withstand a loaded full dresser in a big sweeper corner while improving ring seal and oil consumption. This kit comes with cylinders, forged flattop pistons, rings and gaskets.

Our price: $1065.95
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