Cylinder Kits

110-117 CI Drop-on Cylinder Kit
SKU: 202-310
By incorporating a 80,00 PSI ductile liner that is super strong we are able to reduce the spigot O.D enough to produce this drop on 117 kit. this kit installs into a 100 case and adds 7 ci!....Kit comes with flattop pistons,rings ,pins, and gaskets. Domed pistons are available as a option
Our price: $1350.00
110 T-C Cylinder Kit
SKU: 202-215
Great start to a high output 110...this kit includes our 20 degree perimeter dome piston. The heads will need machined for the pistons..( Axtells can provide this service) this combination yields 11-1 and with the improved chamber shape the engine will accept proper ignition timing and the horse power and torque will respond. Kit includes cylinders, pistons, rings, pins, keepers and gaskets.
Our price: $1350.00
110 Twin Cam Cylinder Set
SKU: 292-215

Axtell's cylinders for the 110 engine. These cylinders are much stronger than stock and feature longer bottom spigots for piston support at BDC (needed when increasing the stroke.) These are finished to 4.000 on the bore and are in a black finish. CYLINDERS ONLY.

Our price: $950.00
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