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Misc. engine parts

1999-2005 heads
SKU: TC Heads
These were used for dyno testing then freshened up. Contains Black Diamond 1.900 intakes and 1.600 exhaust valves. Comp springs are good for up to 600 lift. These heads have very little time on them. 1999-2005 intake clamp style.
Our price: $395.00
T-C Dual Carb Topend
SKU: T-C Dual Carb Topend
This top end was used by Chaz @ Sturgis in 2003 and qualified # 1 in its class. 107CI (4 1/8 X 4) with 12-1 compression this dual carb setup has a lot of potential. Heads are heavily modified stock casting with 2" intakes and 1.630 exhaust sizes. The home-made manifold are ugly on the outside but good on the inside. We ran 45 Mukuni carbs but the manifold is set up with a 2 bolt pattern so S&S carbs could be used. The cylinders and pistons have very little wear. Includes new rings,keepers and gaskets.
Our price: $1750.00
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