Piston Kits

3.937 10.5 -1 97 CI Pistons Kit
SKU: 800-985
This dome in chamber piston kit yeilds 10.5 to one with a stock 85 cc chamber. 3.937 finished bore size...complete with rings,pins and keepers
Our price: $299.98
3.937 Flattop Piston Kit
SKU: 812-098
This forged 3.937 bore flattop piston is designed for the 4" stroke 1999-2006 TC's. Bore out your stock cylinders for 98 ci!
Highlights include horizontal gas porting for improved ring seal and valve pockets in the right place. This piston uses a wrist pin offset to minimize rocking and clear markings for orientation. The kit includes rings,keepers and wristpins. Now includes a skirt coating for improved wear resistance!
Our price: $295.00
3.937 Perimeter Dome Piston Kit
SKU: 800-997
This design is dyno developed and proven. When combined with a cylinder head chamber modification, the squish action and charge burn is improved. Our experience with this design shows a more aggressive ignition curve is possible which results in more POWER. 3.937 bore. 10.75 in a 110 type head.
Our price: $390.00
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