Twin cam™

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TC Case Bore
SKU: 700-300B
Your cases are bored to accept big bore cylinders. A modified top case bolt is supplied.
Our price: $185.00
Cam Clearance
SKU: 700-302
Your cases are bored to accept aftermarket cams.
Our price: $65.00
O-Ring Conversion
SKU: 700-321
We machine your cases to utilize 0-rings in the cam plate/case interface...Stops internal leaks and wet-sumping.
Our price: $65.00
Oil Passage Porting
SKU: 700-325
6-speed crankcases use a restrictive channel for an oil feed and return. We port and machine this for added flow and to reduce oil aereation which causes lifter noise.
Our price: $60.00
Timken Conversion
SKU: 700-324
Needed on hi-torque engines 2003 to present. Includes complete Timken bearing.
Our price: $425.00
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