piston kits

4.125 20 degree Hi-comp stroker Piston Kit
SKU: 800-925B
This stroker piston uses a 20 degree full dome to aid in compression needs in large chambered heads. The dome displaces 29cc, and when used in a 117 ci engine with heads cut to 100cc it will yield 13.4. This piston dome can be machined to modify the final numbers. It uses race bred rings: .043,.062 and a 3mm oil. Kits comes complete with rings,pins and keepers. This piston requires combustion chamber machining and is recommended for the experienced engine builder only. oversizes available to +.030.
Our price: $390.00
4.125 Bore semi-finished Piston Kit
SKU: 800-950
This piston is semi-finished to allow the engine builder to tailor it to his needs. Set up for a 1.082 C.H., it has a 30 degree perimeter dome and no valve pockets. The wristpin bore is also left undersized for final fitting. Axtell's can finish this piston if needed. Sold as a set complete with rings, pins and keepers. Also available in +.010.
Our price: $390.00
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