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Twin Cam ™ 88

We are partial to this engine and use it in most of our projects. The stock 4 inch stroke is ideal for power output and longevity. The Harley world has been tossing the word "stroker" around for so long that sometimes we think people forget engine basics. A 4" stroke in the Chevrolet world is a big block... an engine associated with massive torque, such as the 454 and 502 examples. We won't go any further into the technical side of this but, trust us, that you can mke BIG power without increasing the stroke.

With that said if you are determined to have larger a engine we offer the 117 and 124 cylinder kits also. The power output is increased in the low and midrange rpm ranges but the need for a shorter piston skirt length for BDC clearance will shorten piston and ring life. These ARE fun engines but should be handled by a experienced engine builder,tuned by a Master tuner and owned by someone with reasonable expectations concerning engine life. These will require the separate purchase of a set of stroker flywheels.

All of our entry level kits will feature either flattop or dished pistons to satisfy common combustion chamber sizes. Axtells also offers  upgrades such as perimeter dome pistons, cylinder head modifications and related parts through our Mountain Motor division. Call for info.

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