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Axtell Oil bypass system

Axtell Oil bypass system
This is a brand new product designed and developed by the Axtell Mountain motor team. With the stock OEM oiling system configuration when oil pressure becomes excessive it is bypassed from the high side of the feed to the low side...basically "looping". This causes aeration of the oil and many negatives. Aerated oil is spongy and causes lifter ticking. Also being spongy it results in an oil pressure drop that will cause the piston oilers to shut down. When this occurs engine heat builds and piston & ring life is shortened. Our system directs the bypassed oil into the cam chest to be returned to the oil tank eliminating the "loop".
Results: higher oil pressure at low engine rpms. longer oil life due to reduced oil shear,lower oil temperature, improved valve train control and noise.
NEW : this kit comes with 2 caps that allows it to work in all OEM plates..use the thicker cap for stock plates and the thinner one for S.E. plates.. Patent Pending #61/693,612
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