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Glaze Breaking
SKU: 700-200
Your cylinders are ball-honed to prepare them for new rings.
Our price: $30.00
Torque and Hone
SKU: 700-201
Your cylinders are finished to the next bore size.
Our price: $115.00
Bore and Hone
SKU: 700-202
By machining the bore, perpendicularity is re-established resulting in excellent ring seal and piston wear. .060 jump maximum.
Our price: $160.00
Bore and Hone Big Bore
SKU: 700-203
Your 88 cylinders are increased to 3.875(95) or 3.932(97) .
Our price: $185.00
Evo Cylinder Facing
SKU: 700-204
Both cylinders are faced on the head gasket surfaces to ensure flatness. Includes new dowels
Our price: $75.00
TC Cylinder Facing
SKU: 700-205
Both cylinders are faced, including dowel removal and replacement.
Our price: $75.00
883-1200/1250 Conversions
SKU: 700-206
Your 3.000 bore 883 are prepped up to 3.500 or 3.562 for a big bore build.
Our price: $190.00
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