97-107 3.932 Top End & Cam Gasket kit
SKU: 554-497-030
This kit encludes the needed gaskets and seals for the top end and cam service for a 3.932 bore engine. Used on 97ci and 107ci Axtell combinations
Our price: $114.83
T-C cam service gasket kit
SKU: 554-495
Gaskets and seals needed for a cam change
Our price: $52.41
3.937 Twin Cam Head Gaskets .040
SKU: 554-297
MLS head gasket set for 3.937 bore TC engines. Used in our 98 and 107 drop on kits. .040 thick. Also available in 0.30 thickness (SKU: 554-297-030)
Our price: $44.99
3.937 Twin Cam Base Gaskets .020
SKU: 554-197
.020 thick base gasket used with 3.937 bore Axtell cylinders. These are the supplied gasket in our kit. Also available in .010 thickness (SKU: 554-197-010)
Our price: $24.00
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