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Twin Cam™ 110

The 110 is the powerplant in the high-end CVO motorcycles but largely ignored by the factory in their hi-po parts offerings.The confusion is caused by the belief that once you bore the case for the 110 cylinders you are locked in and can't go larger... which is incorrect. The stock 110 cylinders have the short bottom spigot and limited support forthe piston at BDC, so installing a longer stroke set of flywheels is risky. Axtell's has been providing 4 1/8 bore cylinders for these engines since day 1 and have seen no problems going larger. Our cylinder kit uses base Cometic™ base gaskets and replace the stock o-ring method (like the 120R™).
If you just want to increase the stroke and retain the stock 4" bore, we can make up cylinders with a longer bottom spigot..please call.

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