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Twin Cam ™ 96/103

A 96 is basically a 88 with a 3/8 stroker kit in it. The added cubes combined with small valves and short cam timing produces a truck style engine. The greatly improved late model chassis ,six speed and new fuel injection make for a very nice ride. But since this is America and We all like more power there is plenty of work to be done. These engines respond to the same hop-up as the 88 but a few areas need to be looked at and possibly addressed. The 2009 & up touring models have a single top motor mount on the front head that throws a lot of stress into the cylinder, our cylinder can handle it! Flywheel runout should be checked before any hop-up work is started. If you have miles on you engine and the runout is OK then we believe you are a candidate for our 107 kit. We installed this kit on our 2009 FLHX that had 1200 on the clock and couldn't be happier with the results. 25-30% more horsepower and torque by the added cubes combined with ported heads,cam and engine controller made for a strong runner that yeilded 44-46 mpg while touring. BIG FUN If you have an existing condition that needs to be addressed or you really want to build a high power combination then you are looking at splitting the cases and upgrading some areas of your engine. Axtells 117 & 124 cylinder kits commonly produce upward of 145 HP and the engine needs to be built and tuned accordingly. Our machine shop and engine building services can help you reach your goal.

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